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Relief for Houston

Heavy rainfall from Tropical Storm Harvey has encumbered the fourth-largest city in the US, and new concerns are mounting from ongoing rain and flood damage. Relief funds have begun to form to help provide shelter, increase reserves for additional first responders to find people stuck in their homes or in need of medical attention, and provide sufficient food and supplies to all the areas affected.

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At Amalgamated Bank, we understand the sense of urgency to step up when a community is in need, and we are asking all partners, vendors, employees and allies to join us in putting resources in the hands of trusted groups who have been tirelessly making sure that we address the multitude of attacks on working people, immigrants, women and the most vulnerable in the state at this time. That’s why Amalgamated Bank will be making a $25,000 donation toward relief efforts — to assist in the aid and recovery of thousands of people, caught in the worst storm in Texas history. On top of our initial $25k, the bank will match donations sent by employees up to $5,000 in order to magnify every dollar, from our community to Houston’s.

Amalgamated has identified the Harvey Community Relief Fund at Texas Organizing Project for all who want to help by sending additional resources to those in need. Below, you can read more about the organization’s relief efforts, and how to support their work.

Harvey Community Relief Fund

What They Do: The Texas Organizing Project (TOP) is based in Houston and has worked for many years to improve the lives of low-income and working class Texas families through community organizing, and civic and electoral engagement. TOP and allies have set up a fund to support collaborative work with important partners like the Texas Low Income Housing and Information Services and the Workers Defense Project to ensure that the most impacted communities get both material aid they need, and to protect and support the most vulnerable parts of the community to ensure low and mid-income families and communities are able to access critical services for all their needs in this moment -- from first response and basic needs to healthcare, housing, immigration. These organizations will also continue to organize and advocate for Houston communities, shining a spotlight on inequalities that emerge in the restoration of Houston, and amplifying the needs of TOP members and other vulnerable communities in Houston.

Why Support?: On top of our initial $25k, the bank will match donations sent by employees up to $5,000 to expand our efforts to rescue and rebuild the communities hit hardest. TOP is a trusted labor ally, working closely with the Communication Workers of America, SEIU, and other labor and community partners in the Greater Houston area. TOP says, “Hurricane Harvey is not our first rodeo, TOP members first came together in the wake of Hurricane Ike. After Harvey, when the camera crews head home, and it's time to rebuild, the people on the ground will need the legal support and organizing capacity to fight for themselves, and TOP will be there. Though we are still in the thick of the crisis, with rain expected through Thursday, we know the scale and the scope of the work ahead for us to make sure all Houston neighborhoods are restored.”

How to Give:
Harvey Community Relief Fund
Or mail checks to the Texas Organizing Project
Memo line “Harvey Community Relief Fund”
P.O. Box 120296, San Antonio, TX 78212.

We invite all of our community partners to join us in supporting relief efforts for Houston, and thank you for your generosity — your support helps extend our reach to provide the greatest impact to a community only in its beginning stages of recovery.