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Take control of your finances and plan for your future with accessible banking services
April 29, 2021

With tax season upon us and the effects of economic distress triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic continuing, personal finances are hot on everyone’s brain.

Even under normal circumstances, access to banking services and financial support can already be limited in some households, particularly in communities with a high population of immigrants, low-income neighborhoods, or in predominantly Black or Brown communities.1 With the ongoing pandemic, access to these services has become even more restricted.

As America’s socially responsible bank, committed to providing financial services and advocating for economic justice for all, we recognize the struggle that many communities face when it comes to accessing banking services. It is our goal to provide equitable solutions that ensure our services reach “unbanked” communities in convenient ways; no one should have to leave their neighborhood, take off time from work to get to a bank within “banking hours”, or pay exorbitant administrative fees for financial guidance.

We want to provide the tools and resources needed to help guide you through your financial needs and planning process with faster, easier, and more accessible service. Our banking services are now no longer tied to a branch location -- Amalgamated is here for you, closer than ever before.

For quick cash transactions, our ATM services have recently been expanded. With Allpoint® ATM services, you can handle cash withdrawals surcharge free, the ability to check account balances and transfer money between accounts at more than 40,000 convenient locations across the U.S. Now, we are pleased to announce the latest ATM service upgrade to Allpoint+®With Allpoint+ ATMs, customers can now also make cash deposits.

We also teamed up with TrustPlus, a service of the national nonprofit Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners, to offer free financial planning and counseling services via phone, video or text to all Amalgamated customers. Trained financial counselors will work one-on-one with you to develop personalized plans for you and your family based on your income and expenses. This is available to all Amalgamated customers, and can be used to make a plan for paying off credit card debit, access a personal loan, save for college or retirement, and more.

Amalgamated is committed to its mission of providing fair and accessible banking services to all. We believe that this alignment with TrustPlus services will help our customers better understand and identify the economic opportunities available to them and give them a better chance to thrive, despite any variety of stressful financial circumstances. Your personal coach can help guide you through several money planning techniques, for example: accessing COVID relief related services, budgeting for the future, preparing to report your taxes, repairing your credit score or applying for debt relief, and setting you up with checking and savings accounts that make sense for you.

Quick access to banking services, financial advisors and strategic planning for the future should not just be luxuries for the few. Our collaboration with TrustPlus financial services and extended ATM services with Allpoint+ builds upon years of dedication to our vision of fair, equal and accessible banking for all, and further demonstrates our unwavering commitment to our customers. 

Looking for an ATM location near you? Have a look here.

For more information on TrustPlus, read more here or text AMALBANK to (646) 349-5959. 

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