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Amalgamated Bank has teamed up with Newtek, "The Small Business Authority," to provide you with a complete payroll processing service.

Newtek is so confident in its payroll service that, for a limited time, they will offer you two months of free payroll!

  • Newtek's online payroll solution is more cost effective than ADPTM & Paychex®
  • More cost effective than in-house payroll solutions
  • More customer functionality with our software than ADPTM & Paychex
  • Personalized customer service representative
  • Tax indemnification guarantee

Service Includes:

  • Concierge Support & Single Point of Contact
  • Payroll Management Reports
  • No Touch Tax Management
  • Online Paystubs & W-2’s
  • Instant Online Payroll
  • HR Support Center
  • New Hire Reporting

Let Newtek's professionals take responsibility for calculating checks and withholding payments and making tax deposits. They also provide complete quarterly and year-end tax reporting. Relax; leave the payroll hassle to Newtek!

Paying Your Employees

  • Direct Deposit: Eliminates trips to the bank and allows your employees freedom to bank anywhere they choose.
  • In-House Check Printing: If you prefer to pay your employees with paper checks, simply print them on check stock from your office printer.
  • Check Printing and Delivery: Newtek will print your checks for you and have them delivered to your office or employees.

Customized Enrollment Options

  • Hands-Free Enrollment: You can choose to fax or mail your company and employee information to Newtek, and one of their Business Services Specialists will input all of your enrollment data for you.

Easy On Your Wallet

Newtek Payroll Services starts at just $60 per month plus $2.00 per employee, per pay period. It’s a great price that allows you to completely outsource your payroll and tax hassles! Contact Newtek today for a free Complimentary Service / Cost Analysis. 

Tax Management

Newtek will take care of:

  • Depositing your federal withholding, FICA, FUTA, state withholding, local withholding. SUI, and disability taxes (where applicable).
  • Filing your quarterly and annual federal, state, and unemployment returns.
  • Filing your year-end tax forms.

Payroll Management Included

  • 24/7 online input and access to reports
  • Secure storage of payroll Data
  • Direct deposit of payroll or standard checks
  • Sign and Seal services
  • Easy-to-read payroll journal and management reports
  • Year-end reporting and W-2s
  • Employee worksheets
  • Quarterly earnings history

Optional Services

  • Workers’ Compensation, Paid As You Go - Helps small business cash flow!

Employee Access Features

  • Username and password for each employee to a secure site.
  • View and print pay stubs and payroll history.
  • Employees stay in control of their payroll data.
  • Employer reduces time spent answering payroll questions and finding paperwork.

The Small Business Authority® is a registered trademark of Newtek Business Services, Inc., and neither are a part of or endorsed by the U.S. Small Business Administration.
These products and services are provided by an unaffiliated institution, Newtek Business Services. These products and services are not provided by Amalgamated Bank and Amalgamated Bank will not have any input concerning such products and services. Newtek Business Services is not an employee or agent of and is not affiliated with, Amalgamated Bank. Amalgamated Bank is not responsible for these materials, the content contained herein or any of the products, services or advice offered by Newtek Business Services. Amalgamated Bank will receive a referral fee from Newtek Business Services if the client referred by Amalgamated Bank enters into a transaction with Newtek Business Services.