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Our team is comprised of nonprofit board members, former labor organizers and community activists. We are dedicated to advancing progressive causes and advocating for social and economic justice.

With Amalgamated, you can be assured that you'll be served by an experienced, mission-aligned banker who, like you, is committed to making our world a more just, compassionate and sustainable place.

Senior Vice President
Mid-Atlantic Director

Amalgamated Bank knows how unions work and what's important to Labor. Founded by a union nearly a century ago, we are the first union-owned bank in history to become a publicly-traded company.

Our vision is to be the financial institution for progressive people and organizations that are living and working to make the world more just, more compassionate and more sustainable.

Amalgamated empowers your organization with unique political loans, fast processing of donations, and the ability to make late wire payments for last-minute media buys.

First Vice President
Labor and Taft-Hartley


Senior Vice President
Business Development